Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Interview with Secondus Delos

We journalists are already making our lists of the top 10 news stories of 2008 - the war in Iraq, the economic crisis, the presidential race. Topping everyone’s list is the abduction of one thousand Earth women by the Terilian space aliens.

A pivotal event indeed. Much like the assassination of JFK, everyone remembers where he or she was when the broadcast appeared over the entire Earth. We’ll never forget that alien face on the screen - Primus Taddus, handsome except for his catlike ears - saying that since all the Terilian females had died, the Terilians males would be taking 1000 Earth women with them to be their brides! Within seconds, the women had vanished - our sisters, daughters, and friends.

In my unique position as Earth’s only journalist with an ansible (a communication device that works over light-year distances), I was able to contact the Terilian ship, Ecstasy of Generations, and interview Secondus Delos, a physician who is the liaison between the Terilians and the abducted women.

Solange Ayre: Dr. Delos, all of Earth wants to know. How are the women? Are they healthy and happy?

Delos: My medical team and I have spent months improving the health of our new shipmates. Those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or multiple sclerosis have been cured. All are healthy and adjusting to the idea of becoming our wives.

SA: How can you possibly justify this mass kidnapping? What kind of people are you, to commit such a horrendous crime?

Delos: We apologize to Earth. Our justification? We cannot survive the journey to our new planet without mating. Terilian males must have wives or die.

SA: Then perhaps your actions are understandable. Have the women fought you, resisted in any way?

Delos: Most of the women find Terilian males attractive and are eagerly anticipating The Spring Running, our sacred rite where husbands and wives choose each other. However, the Earth women have made certain demands. They wish to have something known as a “wedding.”

SA: A wedding on a spaceship! How unique.

Delos: It seems to involve music, the exchange of vows and jewelry, and the reproductive organs of plants. Oh yes, and something known as The Poultry Dance.

SA: Do you mean The Chicken Dance?

Delos: Did I get the idiom wrong?

SA: Earth is curious as to how the brides were chosen. We would have expected you to take beautiful movie stars or celebrities such You failed to take celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie.

Delos: All of these women were considered, but they were far too slender for us. We prefer women with pleasant curves, wide hips and rounded breasts.

SA: Doctor, have you chosen a bride for yourself?

Delos: My heart has been stolen by a woman named Janis Stone. Unfortunately, her great beauty has attracted the attention of Primus Taddus, one of our leaders. Since he outranks me, he is sure to become Janis’s husband.

SA: I’m sorry to hear that. But perhaps you will choose another at your Spring Running.

Delos: Janis is the only bride I will consider.

At this point, the ship traveled out of range and the interview ended. If you would like to read more about the romance between Janis Stone and Dr. Delos, ONE THOUSAND BRIDES is available as an e-book at